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Kawaii Finance

Here you can find all my cute finance designs that include money, payment, saving and storing, as well as budgeting, bills and more!

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All Finance Categories

Money & Payment

Green stylized bill with kawaii face

Single Kawaii Bill

Who wouldn't want to buy something with this cute bill?

Yellow stylized coin with kawaii face

Kawaii Coin

Can you imagine puttin one of these cuties in your piggy bank?

Pink stylized credit card with kawaii face

Credit Card

I'm not sure if every store would accept this card, but it's still lovely to look at

Brown stylized money bag with kawaii face

Kawaii Money Bag

It's not just Animal Crossing that can have adorable money bags

Storing & Saving

Stylized savings jar with kawaii face

Kawaii Savings Jar

Reaching your saving goals has probably never been cuter

Stylized wallet with kawaii face

Kawaii Wallet

Pulling this cute wallet out of your purse is fun every time

Stylized money envelope with kawaii face

Kawaii Money Envelope

I imagine stuffing this adorable money envelope brings extra joy

You like my Finance Designs?

Bills & Taxes

Stylized Letter of a Bill with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Bill Letter

Even though this will cost me money, it's still really cute!

Stylized envelope with a Bill with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Enveloped Bill

I feel like this adorable envelope is also annoyed by having to deliver a bill

Stylized Calculator with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Money Envelope

Math was never really my thing, but with this calculator I would try again

Stylized red House with Kawaii Face

Kawaii House Insurance

This cute house serves as a friendly reminder that you should get insurance for it

Stylized graduation Cap with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Graduation Cap

Unfortunately after graduation there will be a student loan to pay

Stylized Lightbulb with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Lightbulb

If you want to see this adorable lightbulb glowing, you need to pay your electricity bill

Stylized Flame with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Gas Flame

This cute flame burns bright if the gas bill is payed

Stylized Drop of Water with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Water

Keep this lovely water running by paying your water bill

Stylized Wifi Sign with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Wifi Logo

I'm completely lost without internet, so I always pay my Wifi Bill

Stylized TV with Kawaii Face

Kawaii TV

Who wouldn't want to watch TV on this adorable guy

Stylized Phone with Kawaii Face

Kawaii Phone

Stay connected with this cutie phone by paying your phone bill

Stylized car with kawaii face


A car is probably the most expensive thing to pay for each month