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How To Create a seamless Kawaii Pattern

Learn step by step how to create a seamless kawaii pattern in Affinity Designer. I used some of my candy designs here, but you can use whatever art you like!

how to create a seamless kawaii pattern in affinity designer
Table of Contents

What you need

Step by Step Tutorial

Now let’s get into the different steps on how you can create your own repeating pattern. I personally like to use Affinity Designer, because it’s fairly affordable in comparison to Photoshop, which I used before. But unlike Photoshop, it doesn’t have the very neat “offset” function, which I love to create patterns. There is still an relatively easy way to create them in other apps, so let me show you how!

Step 1: Set up a square document

Create a new document, which has to be a square format. I make all my documents 12×12 Inches with 300 DPI, so it’s a good resultion to use for printing. The background should be transparent.

Step 2: Import your first design

I already created the designs I wanted to use, so I just imported the first one and placed it right in the center. Then add a transparent square in the same size as the document behind it. We will use the square as a guide with snapping to be able to distribute the designs evenly, so it will create a seamless pattern.

Step 3: Place your first design

I like to start all my pattern with filling the corners first. So I rotated my design slightly and then moved it together with the square, so that the bottom right corner of the square is in the center of the document.

Step 4: Duplicate the design

The next step is to duplicate the design and square you just placed. With the help of snapping and guides, that Affinity has, it’s easy to move it to the right until it snaps into place right next to the first square. So you now already distributed your design evenly in the first two corners.

Step 5: Fill the other corners

To fill the last two corners and make the pattern seamless, we need to duplicate both designs and squares we aleady placed again. Then move them down until they snap at the edges of the upper squares. With the guidelines it’s easy to see.

Step 6: Check for equal distribution

To check if the snapping really went the way it should, you can select all layers and see if it forms a perfect square and is placed in the center of the document.

Step 7: See how the pattern looks

I like to see how my pattern looks so far, again if I placed everything correctly. For this I export the file quickly and add it to the document. Then place it in the way that the final design would look.

Step 8: Repeat the same steps with the other designs

This is basically all there is to it. Now I do the same steps with all the designs that I want in my final pattern until I’m happy with the way it looks.

Step 9: Export your final pattern

The final step is to export your finished pattern. I like to export is as a PNG and pick a fitting file name and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

I really love creating my own seamless patterns, because I enjoy getting them printed on my clothes to make them unique. This design in particular I also used to create this candy bear wallpaper, which you can download for free.

So I really hope this was helpful to you and might have given you some inspiration what you can create with kawaii designs!